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International Mobility Services

In today’s corporate world, it is common to see employees getting relocated for a promotion or new opportunities. The process of international mobility must be done with efficient and sufficient planning to avoid adverse effects that can have quite an impact on the company.

İMEX Moving offers services to make this change seamless and comfortable for the individual as well as the company. From making arrangements for packing to hiring assistance at the new location, the employees are guaranteed to feel valued with these services.

One of the challenges that need to be addressed with international mobility is the adjustment period. There are quite a few things that need to be arranged prior to the move. There are also challenges that the employee may encounter in his or her new home. In order to address these, İMEX moving offers the following services:

Orientation Tour

Whether the move is local or international, there will be a lot of new things the employee will need to get used to. From locating the bus stops and service stations to finding local banks and grocers, these day-to-day activities may be a cause of stress for most employees. In order to avoid this, an orientation tour will be provided to help your people find their feet as they adjust to a new job and location.

Culture Training

Learning about a new culture can be beneficial to your employees and their families. It helps avoid any awkward situations that may cause misunderstanding and result in professional and personal stress. İMEX Moving has workshops that help people understand the culture of the new location they are moving to. This can be anything from how to address an individual to what are acceptable conversation topics.

Furniture Rental and House Search

The employees and their families’ anchor at their new locations will be their homes. To ensure performance at work, it is imperative that they have comfortable and secure housing. İMEX Moving can help locate the perfect neighborhood even prior to the transfer. With a team of experts in real estate, the employee will be able to find his or her new home.

In addition, whether the employee chooses to store his furniture before moving or is waiting for them to be shipped, their new homes can be furnished as soon as they move in. Furniture rentals for short- and long-term periods can be arranged for your people.

Spouse Support

Your employees and their families will be undergoing a major change when they relocate. This can put pressure on the spouse or the partner, which in turn may affect job performance and satisfaction. To ensure that the move is successful, there are information workshops to help the rest of the family deal with the upcoming change. In these workshops, spouses and partners can get advice and reassurance to address their worries and hesitations.

In addition, İMEX Moving offers the following corporate services:

Tax and Immigration Assistance

International global mobility will need additional planning, especially with immigration and tax laws. İMEX Moving can help you with these by referring you to professional service organizations that specialize in global employment services.

Expense Management

Moving employees to new locations can be a costly venture. To ensure that you are able to track these expenditures for international mobility services, İMEX Moving offers this solutions to help you manage your expenses with relocations.